Monday, 13 April 2015

Self Employed | Style Sheets For Your Business

If you have been following our recent blog posts on getting starting as an independent business, then you should generally have an idea about what is needed to get going and keep going in the current crafty marketplace.

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | Style Sheets For Your Business

What I would like to help you with today is your business in Style Sheet form! This can be anything from your logo design, to your colour choices, fonts and icons. What I want to do here is help you get an idea of styles and themes that you like before you just jump right in and get a logo made up… It is very important to think about how you want to portray yourself as a business and what you believe reflects your overall objective.

Let's Get Inspired

If you haven’t set yourself up a business Pinterest account yet (see here for our post on the importance of social media) then I suggest you do so immediately! Start by getting a board together of images and ideas you like and think about what would suit your business (anything from photos to logos to colour combinations...)

Here are a couple idea ‘pinboards’ of my own to give you an idea of themes and styles.

The first is based on a ‘Natural and Rustic’ idea, which would be ideal for a gardening or more ‘natural’ based business like holistic therapies or florists.

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | Style Sheets For Your Business

Then we have a ‘pretty brights’ board which is a lot more colourful and punchy.

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | Style Sheets For Your Business

This would be great for a number of businesses, including baking, handmade or vintage related ones that may want to appeal more to a younger or generally more feminine audience.

Style Sheets For Business

Once you have an idea of themes you like, it’s time to get a style sheet board together for your own business!

You can even search ‘Style Sheet’ on Pinterest first to get an idea of what is usually needed. Here is another example of my own style sheet for my ‘Create Yourself’ branding business to help:

Ma Bicyclette: Self Employed | Style Sheets For Your Business - Create Yourself Branding

After the logo, the main focus is on a general colour scheme (which as you may tell I struggled to whittle down!) The fonts, icons and even the patterns will all be used on website, social media and marketing stationery so it is handy to have these images stored in PNG form ready to use and overlay on any images you need.

For great free fonts Da Font has some super trendy and easy to download styles which you can just open with your design programme if you have one! Be aware of the font artist and their time though and only use the fonts that say you are welcome to use them for more than just personal use.

I am aware that not everyone will have a logo and matching icons made up yet, and if you don't think you have the skill to do it yourself, Project Black offer branding starting at just £100!

But for now, here’s to a bright and colourful branding journey!

Steph B

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