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Positive Thinking | How To Stay Positive When Working From Home - With Free Printable!

Those of us who work from home, will know that whilst everyone assumes you sit there watching Friends re-runs and wearing slipper socks all day - that this is actually not the case at all (well, for the most part anyway!)
Working for yourself might mean you can slide out of bed at 8.45 and into your desk chair for 9am (oh yes!) BUT as with life, the highs always come with the lows and I am here to help you rise above the minor negative thoughts that can occur when you run your own business or just work from home every now and then, so we can all keep a positive mental attitude and be generally fabulous people…

You feel lonely and a tad bit crazy

When you are alone by yourself for long periods of time throughout the day, you can become a bit insular. Not everyone can mind, but my experience from setting up my own business means that I had to become my own boss, work colleague, accountant and even after-hours cleaner. This made my ‘work parties’ slightly weird, and my daily conversation very limited (although not completely non-existent!)

Ma Bicyclette: Positive Thinking | How To Stay Positive When Working From Home

You have to be a certain type of person to be able to set up your own business (not everyone does it remember!) or even to work from home as a freelancer. I would try to embrace the wierdness and look at it as you are working with the best person you can, to help get your business and quality of work to where it needs to be! Only you will have the passion and drive to get it going… so listen to yourself and enjoy these moments alone, because when you are super successful you will be grateful for all the help you gave yourself.

There aren’t enough hours in the day!

I constantly feel like time passes by so fast during my working day, and whilst I may get up with the best intentions to get everything done, this obviously isn’t always the case. This is because whilst my boyfriend may be able to get up and just go straight out to work for the day, I have to get up, clean up the bomb that seems to have hit my living room/kitchen/everywhere, then take the dogs on a big walk before I can even sit down and read my emails.

Ma Bicyclette: Positive Thinking | How To Stay Positive When Working From Home

Instead of seeing these as extra stresses that I can’t avoid when working from my living room, I actually look at them as more perks of the job (like I get to spend all this extra time with my doggies!) It may be a bit irritating that you become the ‘someone at home’ for when your neighbours are having an urgent Amazon delivery and it needs collecting, but all it takes is just a bit of organisation and separation.

  • Try and make sure your work times are for actual work. Set specific hours to work, and to break from it.
  • If you find your partner/room mate comes home from their job and wants to unload their day on you whilst you are still working, be honest! Say 'I am still working but I will catch up with you properly when I'm done.’ Just because you work whenever you like doesn’t make it any less important than everyone else's jobs! 
  • Setting up your own business does take more time then people think, so accept that and make sure the people you live with understand why that is.
  • Remain calm, be patient and remember what you are doing it for!
You have moments when you think 'I'm not good enough'!

If you are doing work that is quite close to your heart, and it doesn't take off and instantly make you a millionaire, then you can often feel like you are failing. Trust me though, you could be the most amazing artist ever but if you have a poor business plan you are never going to get quite as far as you thought. It is just about finding the balance between doing what you love, but also keeping the business cogs turning! It's the same for being a freelancer - the work won't necessarily come to you, you need a strategy to be able to hunt down work too!

Set yourself a realistic business plan and then try to stick to it as best you can, what more can you do hey? Be honest with yourself but don’t be hard on yourself as that is good for no one!

Ma Bicyclette: Positive Thinking | How To Stay Positive When Working From Home

To help get you organised and positive I have even offered you a free ‘daily to do’ printable here. Print it, use it, and remember to be the best version of yourself that you can be!

Let’s face it, in all honesty, working for yourself may be harder and more stressful than some jobs, but we can handle it right? If you're ever having one of ‘those days’ at home, nip to your local cafe and do some computer work there instead, or log onto a small business network and share your worries with like minded people (remember you 're not alone!)

All in all you're doing what you love and that’s what matters!

So let go of unnecessary stresses, stay organised and try and see the positives in every situation… You can only do your best, and that is good enough!

Steph B

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