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Deciding to buy handmade skincare products is possibly a decision that most people would decide not to take. Opting for a well-known, tried & testing brand seems like the safer option - after all, we want to know what it is we are putting on our bodies don't we? Which kinds of animals they have tested on... Which kinds of can't-even-pronounce-chemicals we are bathing our faces in... Oh wait.

When we pick up a body lotion in the supermarket, we might look at whether it is 'moisturising' or 'non-greasy', but how often do you turn it over and look at the list of ingredients? What kinds of parabens and SLES are secretly hidden in there?

So many 'handmade' companies out there are proudly using 100% natural ingredients to create their skincare products, keeping their ingredients list to a minimum and being totally transparent about what they do use. What could be better for your skin than pure essential oils and natural waxes? Maybe buying handmade skincare products isn't such a risk after all?

Here are some lovely companies that do just that:

Quintessentially English

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Beauty - Quintessentially English

Quintessentially English is owned by Jacqui, she has a passion for soap, but it's not just soaps they make, they stock all kinds of luxorious toiletries to treat your body from your head, right down to the tips of your toes. Everything they make is as pure as nature intended, using the finest sustainable organic oils, beeswax, herbal infusions and 100% essential oils.

Earthbound Organics

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Beauty - Earthbound

Wales based company 'Earthbound Organics' create natural products such as face creams, body oils and toners with most of their ingredients certified organic, and everything completely natural (some even handpicked from the hedgerows in the Welsh countryside!) - Their philosophy is that what we put onto our skin will be absorbed into our bodies, so it should be as pure and natural as possible.

Pure Organics

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Beauty - Pure Organics

Pure Organics mission is to offer a range of natural and affordable skincare products. They keep their packaging as eco-friendly as they can and never ever test on animals. Everything is handmade in Cornwall, with no nasties added!

Lots Of Love Always

'Lots of Love Always' create absolutely beautiful soaps and bath bombs which literally look good enough to eat! The business came about when the owner was looking for more natural alternitives for her own skin care. She made her first lip balm using raw honey and beeswax from her father-in-law's beehives, and the business was born!

Skinny Dip Skincare

Ash and Emma set up 'Skinny Dip' when trying to find a remedy for their daughter's eczema. After reading the baffling list of ingredients in the creams they had tried, they set out to make their own, leaving out all the rubbish and cramming in as much organic and natural goodness as possible and hey presto it worked! Sensitive skin became a thing of the past!

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