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Places To Visit In Manchester | Magma

Northern Quarter, in particular Oldham Street, is a haven for creative people. Whether you're stocking up on fabrics and sewing materials, in need of a music fix or looking for reading material, Oldham Street is a great place to start.

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Manchester | Magma

Magma, is situated nearer to the Piccadilly Gardens end of Oldham Street, inbetween Night & Day (a music venue) and Thunderegg (a fashion boutique) and is your go-to shop for creative books, magazines and prints.
Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Manchester | Magma

When you have one of the best Waterstones in your city, it's hard to believe that you could fulfil your nonfiction needs anywhere else, but the fact is that Waterstones is a corporate business and with that comes their need to stock in every genre and topic, with an evident focus on fiction and cookery books. Even Deansgate Waterstones (the better of the two open in Manchester) has a creative book section that leaves a lot to be desired. But alas, Magma is our saviour, or more specifically a saviour to Fashionistas, Designers, Film Lovers and Writers.

As you enter Magma, on the right you will find a dreamy display of film magazines and writing practice books (they stock Little White Lies - woo!), bicycle books (they stock the Rapha City Cycling Guides and many other bike fancies) and

As you move further along into the shop, on the left you'll see all the current theory and practice nonfiction books for all types of creatives. This is a great place to shop if you've currently changed job roles, you need to shake up your brain a bit and get inspired.

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Manchester | Magma

On the right are little home trinkets by modern designers - tea towels, mugs etc - and more magazines, specifically of the fashion kind. This is the section that really impresses me. Most newsagents of the oast few years have extended the magazines they offer from Hello and OK! to Porter and but they're pretty slow on the uptake and only stock magazines that have a pretty big financial backing. Magma not only stock new, exciting fashion magazines, but they also sell independent magazines like Lionheart. To my knowledge, they did this before any other company (correct me if I'm wrong).

22 Oldham Street
Northern Quarter
Manchester M1 1JN
T +44 (0)161 236 8777

Opening Times
Mon-Sat: 10am - 6.30pm
Sun: 12am - 5pm

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