Thursday, 26 March 2015

Inspiring Artists | Rosie Harbottle

Today I feel that I just have to share with you the dreamy designs of Rosie Harbottle.
Rosie is an illustrator who is based in Devon. She loves to work with pattern, colour and type.
Ma Bicyclette - Rosie Harbottle - Think Happy Thoughts

Starting with my favourite, here is the happy rabbit. I feel like I want to frame it and place it all over my house. The rabbit is so intricately drawn, and the message portrayed couldn’t be a better one. Rosie created this design for ‘Kinderkamerstylist’ – a site for ideas for children’s rooms.

Ma Bicyclette - Rosie Harbottle - Dream

 I love the hand drawn quality of this beautiful image. Rosie hand draws or paints her images before scanning them and playing around with colour and composition. Layer upon layer of wonderfulness. I like the way that hints of colour show through the delicate wings of the butterfly.

Ma Bicyclette - Rosie Harbottle - You Are Lovely

This lovely illustration makes me think of spring time. The watercolour flowers work so well next to the more solid colour used in the wording. The colourful flowers flow around the image, falling effortlessly into the heart shaped formation.

Ma Bicyclette - Rosie Harbottle - Stay Wild

Rosie’s bear illustration once again shows of her great technique of layering. The use of this technique shows that so much thought goes into the composition of each image and makes clear that she isn’t afraid to experiment within her work. This image, amongst many others, is available to buy as a print.

Ma Bicyclette - Rosie Harbottle - Bird With Flowers

This hand drawn image ‘a lovely bunch’ is charmingly done. Colour isn’t needed as the eye is enticed by the use of pattern and tonal variations in the bird’s feathers and the petals of the flowers.

Ma Bicyclette - Rosie Harbottle - Harvest Home

This design is from Rosie’s ‘Harvest home’. Again through the use of layering, Rosie gives her image much depth. The different tones of purple and the happy shade of green work beautifully together.

Ma Bicyclette - Rosie Harbottle - Never Stop Dreaming

Another lovely image with a heart-warming sentiment. A really simple and very quaint design that works perfectly. This image is available as an animated e-card via Pingsome. Imagine how lovely that would be to receive!

Ma Bicyclette - Rosie Harbottle - Chimney Tops

This illustration is lovely. And the use of those familiar song lyrics make it seem all the more homely and welcoming. I really like the effect of the impressions of white and light blue that are showing through the dark blue area. This effect adds texture to the image.

Ma Bicyclette - Rosie Harbottle - Goodnight Little Owl

I’m going to finish on one of my all-time favourite animals – this dreamy little owl. This would look lovely placed in your little one’s bedroom and is available to buy as a print.

You really can’t go wrong with the work of Rosie Harbottle. Her illustrations are full of inspiring messages that would brighten up even the glummest of days. If you would like to see more of her work, click on the links below.


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