Tuesday, 24 March 2015

DIY | Wedding Stationery

Wedding season is coming back around again, so I've done a little guide on how to create your very own unique design wedding invites using a design programme. You will often find there are lots of inspirational tips and DIY projects are out there so you don't have to spend too much of your hard earned cash.

I am super lucky as both my best friend (our very own Rachel) and my mum and dad are getting married this year (well my parents are getting re-married, but it still counts!) I jumped at the opportunity to do the invites for both of them, so I can talk you through the process I used to get the finished items...

Pick A Theme

Rachel and her fiance Sanchez decided to combine their two backgrounds and create an ‘East meets West’ rustic wedding theme. For the first draft we kept the design/colour scheme quite fluid as the Save the Dates need to go out early. It’s great to have a basic style idea for Save The Date, but nothing so strict just incase someone changes their mind on a colour!

Once you have a style you like, you then need to pick a size/ style of paper or card. We went with a simple rounded edged postcard for the ‘Save the Dates’ that would have a nice romantic quote on one side, and all the important info on the other (the idea being that people would stick the quotes up on their fridges because they are pretty and inspiring, and so are reminded of the the fabulous wedding that is due every time they get some milk) For those of you new to designing on a computer, you can find easily downloadable templates online that have all the sizes/ dimensions you need. Next it’s time Sketch up a few drawings/ ideas you think would look nice. Then combine them with all the wording needed (Pinterest is amazing for looking up inspirational ideas along with examples of what items you need and what text people have used too!) We went for a nice simple calendar style and kept words to a minimum. Do a few ideas and pick your favourite, then it’s time to create it! Note: If you like to draw by hand (and are good at it!) It can be really nice scanning your images onto your computer and adding them to your design by simply cutting and pasting, or drawing over them with the design tools of your programme. This can give a really nice hand drawn effect and make each invite look like is has been personally done with love!

Once you have the design you like, either print and cut them yourself or get them professionally done… then it’s on to the finishing touches! You can buy lots of pretty extras online like twine, lace, paper doilies and envelopes that can accent your style, and these are what make each invite look special! Finally, once you have one design, use the elements to create whatever else you need! From RSVP cards to gift poems, from menus to table numbers, there are endless ideas for you to try out… All you need to get right is the sizes (which again can be found online as downloadable templates) But then after that the choice is yours! Swap and change colours or images to keep it fresh but the general theme you use will be the same so everything should tie in lovely together… I hope this has helped inspire you to take your wedding designs into your own hands and use your own creativity to create wonderful things! If you have any creations of your own, feel free to show us! We love to see other’s peoples talents!

Steph B x

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