Saturday, 7 February 2015

DIY | Find What You Love On Valentine's Day - With Free Printable Love Tokens

Valentine's Day is upon us, and whilst I may be one of those people who gets caught up in the whole ‘gift giving’ of the day, I am also quite a big romantic at heart. As I was designing up a whole heap of new ‘love’ related cards recently, I had a little break and thought ‘When was the last time I went to this much effort making something for my boyfriend?’

When we are constantly enveloped in a media world, Instagamming every breakfast cereal we have, it can be very easy for us to become what we see. Most people I know use these outlets as part of their job and you can easily blur the line between work and fun, often forgetting about what it is that you actually like, because you're trying to keep up with what's popular.

No one thinks and lives exactly the same, and so it is also true that no one thinks like you! Your thoughts, and most importantly your imagination is what makes you YOU, and only you really know deep down what you like.

Ma Bicyclette: DIY | Find What You Love On Valentine's Day - With Free Printable Love Tokens

Whilst it is nice to be inspired in life by other people and their current affairs, we need to also remember to be inspired too by ourselves and create our own memories.

So, with that, I would like to bestow upon you a gift. A gift just for YOU for this day of love-iness. But whilst it can be enjoyed by more than one, the main creative bulk will have been done by you alone.

These free downloadables are little love notes that you can print and give to whomever you desire. But there is one catch, you must use your imagination to think about either what you would like to receive if it is a note to yourself or what you would love to give to your partner. Be as creative and adventurous as possible, take some special time aside to have a good think and see where your mind takes you, but always be true to you and whomever you choose to share your experiences with… and allow the love to commence!

Don't forget to share your love token pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #mbvalentine!

Happy Love Day!
Steph B

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