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Places To Visit In Manchester | Pie Minister

I'd say pies are pretty popular up north. I love a good meat and potato, ooo or cheese and onion. But, it seems, our craving for variety had us standing with open arms when we heard Pie Minister would be opening up shop in Manchester's Northern Quarter in the summer of 2013.

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I first tried Pie Minister's Heidi Pie at Manchester Food Festival in July, 2012. I remember having no money, but smelling those pies was enough to convince me that this was the best thing I could buy with my last few quid. I was right.

They found perfection when they created Pie Minister. With a menu boasting 14 different pies (and they're always adding more) it's hard to not find one you'll love. I'm proud to say I've tried 7 of their classic pies and I'm not going to stop there.

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Pie Minister is over 10 years old, but Manchester is the only city in the north to get its own Pie Minister. At first thought, Northern Quarter is known for it's heart attack inducing burgers, deep fried dishes and sweet, extravagant cakes. So, what better to add to the mix than a place that specialises in pies?

What I love about a rainy day wandering through Manchester (oh wait, that's every day) is finding somewhere warm and cosy to fill your tummy. Pie Minister is in a great location, surrounded by vintage, craft, book, home and vinyl shops.

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If you do get a chance to visit Pie Minister, I recommend you get The Mothership (above) which is a classic pie of your choice with mash, gravy, minty mushy peas, grated cheddar cheese and crispy shallots. Heaven! If you don't like pie (you weirdo) then they do snacks, ranging from scotch eggs to popcorn!

Drinks include Fentimans, Craft Ale and Cider. You can also get your usual tea, coffee or juice.

Opening times
Monday-Saturday 11am -10pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm

53 Church Street, Manchester, M4 1PD


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