Monday, 26 January 2015

Inspiring Artists | Llew Mejia

Following on from my last post on Kimika Hara, I thought it would be good to explore the colourful world of Llew Mejia.

Llew Mejia is an illustrator who creates vibrant patterns, beautifully hand drawn illustrations and computer generated imagery. He spent his time growing up travelling between Mexico and South western United states. He now lives in Minneapolis working as a textile designer and illustrator.

To begin with, here is some pattern based work. The below image forms part of a series of wallpapers that Llew created for Astek Inc. The theme behind this was to bring the outdoors indoors.
This one in particular contains a varied colour palette. The lighter shades look lovely next to the darker shades. It is a vibrant yet very natural piece of art.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Artists | Llew Mejia - vibrant illustrated botanical wallpaper

Now introducing ‘Pineapple pattern’. I am immediately drawn to this image as I have a love for the colour purple (amethyst is my birth stone after all!). Llew has a gift for filling each and every image with intense detail. It’s almost like I want to be ‘in’ the picture so I can really feel all that’s going on.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Artists | Llew Mejia - pineapple pattern illustration

The illustration below is based on Elephants living in the Indian jungle. The fuchsia and red elephants are charismatic and bright as they weave in and out of the large leaves and trees.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Artists | Llew Mejia - elephants in the indian jungle illustration pattern design

This below design encapsulates Llew’s interpretation of plant forms and colour. By his own admission, this is based on real plants however is ‘translated through my personal lens’. He names the piece ‘Lush pattern’.
The colour palette is far milder than the images we have already looked at. This, however, doesn’t make it any less captivating. The page is busy but calming through the combination of repetitive lilac next to an array of greens.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Artists | Llew Mejia - lush pattern illustration design

Next is ‘Moths and Larvae’. Here Llew explores the effects of insects on plants. In this illustration we get a chance to really look at the way he uses layer upon layer of shapes to form a very detailed picture. The more times I look at this image, the more creepy crawlies I notice nestled comfortably amongst the natural shapes of the leaves and branches.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Artists | Llew Mejia - moths and larvae illustration design

Below are some of Llew’s animal illustrations. First is the Okapi sat resting amongst an assortment or vivid leaves.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Artists | Llew Mejia - okapi illustration design

And I shall end on my favourite, the Sloth. How cute does he look settling down for a sleep in the tree?

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Artists | Llew Mejia - sloth illustration design

I feel really inspired after looking at the work of Llew Mejia. The warmth of the colours in his work have cheered me up on this cold and frosty day. If you would like to check out Llew’s full portfolio, you can do so by clicking on the links below.


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