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Buy Handmade | Clothing For Women - The Winter Edition

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - The Winter Edition

Clothing is something that I really wanted to cover in the 'Buy Handmade' series. We all wear clothes and for many of us they are a big part of who we are, but how much do we think about where they come from and who's lives we are affecting with the decisions we take as to where we buy our clothes?

We have touched on this before on the blog, so I won't go into it too much, we all know that the conditions in some far East factories are cruel and unethical. It is hard to avoid buying into at times, but making an effort to buy handmade clothing is one way to ensure you are spending your money ethically, as well as supporting independent designers and retailers. Making a conscious decision to give some thought to who has made your clothing will make you feel as good as you look.

It may be the new year, but the weather is still well and truly wintery. Here is some inspiration for handmade pieces that will keep you warm and stylish throughout the next few months.

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - EKA - Knitted Mittens Hair Bow Snood Scarf
Eka is an ethical accessories brand making handmade items using vegan acrylic and organic cotton.

Their modern knitwear pieces come in an array of colours that will brighten up any wintery day. I love the mittons on a string, and the snoods look super cosy too! Eka also make really cute knitted homeware pieces and i-pad covers which are well worth a look!

Clockwise from top-left:
Bow Headband, £14.99, 
Mittens With String, £28, Button Cowl Scarf, £38, Dip Dye Mittens, £32

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - OUBAS - Slouchy Casual Batwing Steel Grey Cardigan.

Oubas Knitwear is based in a market town just outside the Lake District National Park in Cumbria.

Oubas only use natural fibres, sourced from British and Italian spinners. Their aim is to create contemporary pieces of clothing that outlive seasonal trends.

Every item is lovingly designed and made by hand, which I think makes each piece amazingly special.

Batwing Cardigan in Steel Grey, £135

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - LOWIE- Turkish Colourful Knitted Socks

Lowie's philosophy is to create beautiful clothing as ethically as possible. 

Although their socks are not knitted in the UK, they ensure that their Turkish knitters are happy and paid fairly. Where possible they also use organic and sustainable materials.

Perfect with boots, or to keep your toes warm in bed!

Turkish Socks, £20

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - AMY LAWS - Rainy Day Cloud Raindrop 50's Skirt

Amy Laws is a British clothing designer creating beautiful women's and children's clothing using classic cuts and fun prints.

Her items are handmade from cotton sourced from UK suppliers, and her designs are created from her own drawings.

This gorgeous skirt is hand printed by Amy, and will be made to order in any size. I am so tempted by this piece! The price is fantastic for what is essentially both an original piece of art, and a 'made-to-measure' garment rolled into one!

Rainy Day Skirt, £30

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - ANTIFORM - Oversized Dress in Panda Print

Antiform  do not only handmake their clothes, they make them out of recycled materials.

All the materials and workmanship involved in making each piece is sources from within the UK.

This oversized dress has an adorable panda print silk panel in the back. The silk is a recycled piece that was found in a clearance, unused for 25 years!

[Limited Edition] Oversized Dress in Panda Print, £75

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - FINESSE KNITS - Teal Lambswool Poncho

Finesse Knits is owned by Ulla, a self-taught designer, who lovingly created beautiful pieces of knitwear.

Her work is inspired by the idea of creating something unique and meaningful that will last a lifetime.

Her lambswool ponchos come in a wide range of colours. Perfect for an effortless layered look, and will make you feel snug as you look stylish.

Lambswool Poncho, £30

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - CARRIER COMPANY - Luxury Short Rain Cape Coat

Carrier Company are a Norfolk based brand, with an emphasis on helping local tradespeople, and the local community.

The classic pieces are designed by company founder Tina. The patterns are cut in her home and each item is then made by hand by other home-enterprises within a 10 mile radius.

The use of local skills is only part of their ethical ethos. Their quality products are built to last from sustainable materials such as canvas, wool & jute

Luxury Short Rain Cape, £220

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - GABRIELLE VARY - Smoke Knitted Lambswool Scarf Geometric Triangle Print

Gabrielle Vary creates luxury knitwear for you and your home. How could I write a handmade clothing post and not include a knitted scarf? I searched around the internet, and decided on this one as my favorite. The colours are gorgeous, the pattern is right up my street and it is made from lambswool, so will be super soft and cosy to wear too!

Each one of Gabrielle's scarfs are knitted in her Sussex studio using British spun wool. Each one is made to order, so if you would like a different pattern or colour-way then she can do that for you!

Smoke Knitted Lambswool Scarf, £49

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - ONSTAIL - Grey & Electric Green Felted Clogs Slippers

Onstail are a London based company, creating eco-friendly felt footwear.

These bright and simple slippers are not only made for the style-consicous, but the eco-consious too. The designs are brought to life using hot water and organic soap. Amazing!

The slippers come in a range of colours and styles. I like this 2 tone pair, but I'm also rather taken with the 'Peppermint in Love with Raspberries" ones!

Grey & Electric Green Felted Clogs, £58

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - NETIE ART -Red Heart Patched Leggings

NetieArt is a small business owned by Kasia, a busy mum of two, living in England.

By day she looks after her little ones, and her cute and unique pieces are all designed and handpainted by herself at night!

Kasia creates some lovely tshirts and gloves, but my favorite pieces are these adorable leggings with hearts on the knees!

Red Heart Patched Leggings, £19.69

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Women - Ce L'ho Solo Io - Wool Sweater Slouchy Grey Cardigan

Ce L'ho Solo Io is a clothing brand by Adele Patti in Brescia, Italy.

Adele's stylish eclectic taste shines through in her designs which are both individual and totally wearable.

Ranging from dresses to blouses to jumpers, each piece is designed and made by herself.

Although this cardigan is one of her simpler designs, I love how wearable this piece is. In fact, I wish I were wearing it right now!

Wool Sweater, £56.38

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment to let us know what your favorite item is, and if you have any other suggestions for handmade clothing please let us know!

Steph H

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