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Buy Handmade | Clothing For Men - The Winter Edition

My last blog post was a collection of handmade clothing for women, and not to leave anyone out, this post is for the men! From socks to sweatshirts, here is a collection of clothing items that are not only handmade, but are also made in the UK. You can't get much better than that can you?

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Men - Boodle Boutique

Boodle Boutique was founded in 2010 by Bethan Buss. Bethan is a Bristol-based designer selling hand screen printed clothing, prints and other pieces in her online shop. Where possible she uses sustainable materials and organic inks.

Bethan's work incorporates an enchanting array of illustrations featuring human-like creatures and whimsical wildlife. Her work is inspired by her love of animals and her desire to make people smile (which they do!)

'Simon the Stag' Sweater - £30

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Men - Anthony & Brown - Grey/Red Jumper & Khaki Chinos

Anthony & Brown is the collaborative company of two creative minds. One of them living in an urban city, and the other living in the rural countryside.

It is this mix of lifestyle which has allowed them to create a range of such wearable clothing, from hoodies and tees, so chinos and shirts.  In their own words; "We don't make clothes that just work for one, we just make clothes that work"

There really is something for everyone here, and I'm sure there are many men that would be happy to wear absolutely everything from their very affordable range!

The Brixham Knit - £29.99
The Pointer Chinos - £34.99

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Men - Dark Cycle Clothing - Navy Bicycle Hoodie

Dark Cycle Clothing sell a whole load of hand screen-printed tees and hoodies for men. The reason I love these so much is their range of 'animals on bikes' illustrations, including cat on bike, fox on bike, giraffe on bike, goldfish on bike and many more!

The company is run by husband and wife team Coryn & Adam, and the concept began with Adam dreaming up quirky animal on bike designs during his 17 mile cycle ride to work!

Dark Cycle's clothing misson is to create quality, ethical clothing whilst promoting alternative transportation.

Giraffe on Bike Hoodie - £40

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Men - Hattie Kerrs

Hattie Kerrs has a love of traditional hand knitting which shines through in her work. These gorgeous merino wool pieces are made by herself in her home studio.

Hattie's love of colour and pattern inspire the bold, geometric patterns she uses in her work. Many of her pieces are available in a choice of colours, which are so wearable whilst also allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Navajo Bobble Hat - £42
Navajo Scarf - £72

Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Men - I'm Your Shirt

I'm Your Shirt is a Latvian design company, whose stylish shirts are made in the UK by expert tailors with years of experience.

There are many shirts available through this site, which all follow the classic shirt design but with a twist, but the coolest thing about this company is that they allow you to create your very own shirt using their mix and match fabrics and styles for a truely unique shirt!

'I'm Not Perfect' Shirt - £89
'I'm Smart' Shirt - £89

'I'm An Artist' Shirt - £85
'I'm Classic' Shirt - £85
Ma Bicyclette - Buy Handmade - Clothing For Men - Liv - Stylish Handknitted Socks

Liv is an ethical and sustainable lifestyle brand based in the heart of England. Their soft, merino wool socks are knitted in Leicester. How could I create a handmade winter clothing collection and not include a good pair of knitted socks?

These super cosy socks come in a range of colours and are perfect for keeping your toes toasty whilst sitting by the fire this winter!

The company also offer a range of other clothing items which are worth checking out!

Boot Socks - £19

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this post, or if you have any suggestions for future 'buy handmade' topics!

Steph H

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