Monday, 12 November 2012

Places To Visit In Yorkshire | Bradford Animation Festival

In 2009, Bradford was designated “The City of Film” because of its rich film heritage and its many celebrations of the moving image. One of these celebrations is coming up this week. From the 13th-17th of November, the National Media Museum will the hosing the 19th annual Animation Festival
The festival will offer film screenings, talks, workshops, and special events by some of the industry's top names.

Here are some of the highlights of what is going on this year:


Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Yorkshire | Bradford Animation Festival - Joel Smith Sony Entertainment

Art Director of Sony London Studio will be uncovering the art behind Wonderbook Book of Spells which brings the magical world of Harry Potter into reality combining literature and augmented reality on the Playstation Eye.


Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Yorkshire | Bradford Animation Festival - Alan Gilbey's Animation Writing Workout

Award winning screen writer, script editor and show runner Alan Gilby is hosting an in-depth workshop on how to create better stories and TV shows.
It is an all day workshop with a series of writing exercises that will help you make leaner, meaner films and the TV shows of the future.  You will look at why we tell stories and what makes a good/ bad one.  You will develop new ideas with other writers and learn how to pitch them.
You will also look at the development of commercial projects through real case studies and have a go at creating your own. 
If you are a writer and feel in a creative rut, this workshop could be the boost you need.


Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Yorkshire | Bradford Animation Festival - Creating Virtual Urban Environments
Industry experts from a range of different disciplines will help to uncover what techniques are required to create photo-realistic urban environments. 
Vanessa Boyce who has experience working on the Harry Potter franchise, The Chronicles of Narnia and Inception.  She will be talking about her most recent work, which is creating the visual effects and stunning cityscapes for 2012’s Total Recall.
Martin Walker who is a lecturer in 3D Computer Graphics and Animation at the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands as well as being the sole owner of design company Complete Vision.
Ben Hall, a Senior Modeller and Lead World Designer at Criterion Games.  Ben designs the architecture and cities that players race through on Need for Speed and Burnout.


Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In Yorkshire | Bradford Animation Festival - Joanna Quinn Life Drawing Workshop

British Animator Joanna Quinn has a distinctive hand-drawn style with acute observational skills and an incisive wit. She leads this adults only life drawing workshop backed with her two Emmys and five BAFTAs.

If you love animation and want to attend the Bradford Animation Festival please see the website for all the details.  You can also follow any updates on the facebook and twitter page.


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