Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Travel On A Budget | Austin, Texas

Ma Bicyclette: Travel On A Budget | Austin, Texas

Austin was one of the many stops we did on our USA road trip driving from East Coast to West Coast. We stayed for 2 short days (1 night) and as we had hired a van for our road trip we stayed somewhere cheap just a short walk from the centre of town.

Austin is a city brimming full of arty folk, hipsters, musicians, BMXers, vegetarian-coffee-drinker-Mac-book-user types with thick rimmed glasses, guzzling beards and sleeves full of tattoos. Austin is the place to be for cool, especially for music and alternative sports like BMX; it holds some of the worlds biggest music festivals such as SXSW, which one year I would definitely like to experience!
Walking through the streets of Austin I got the sense that if the street wasn’t filled with row upon row of cool cafes serving amazing foods and drinks then they where filled with row upon row of alternative style bars. Austin is all about the alternative, the strange and the wonderful. There’s a well-known phrase that the people of Austin are fond of - “keep Austin weird”. 

Ma Bicyclette: Travel On A Budget | Austin, Texas

Once you find your feet in Austin I think it’s very easy to find out what’s happening and where, there is a brilliant tourist information point in the middle of the city.
The people of Austin are so friendly and all you have to do is get talking to people. While we were visiting we were invited to house parties and gigs, it was amazing, it was like being in a movie.
While we were there we also visited Austin’s outdoor swimming pool, Barton Springs, which was a couple of dollars for the whole day. It seemed to be the place to be and where the kids hung out during the hot summer days! It was a lot of fun and definitely worth the trip.

Ma Bicyclette: Travel On A Budget | Austin, Texas

We also, one evening, visited Austin’s Cinema located in the centre of town and I have to say it is the best cinema I’ve ever been to (if there could be a best cinema award). It was an old style cinema house with traditional ticket stubs and popcorn machines, they even had waiters serving you at your seats (which came with a table). Hot cookies and milk served to me at my seat? Yes please!

I would have loved to have more time to explore Austin more, it felt like a historical small city with old cars, old buildings and cacti dotted around. A city just like the ones you see in those American films, with the authentic old bars and cinemas Austin is a very quaint and traditional city but at the same time hip and alternative. You’ll never want to leave!


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