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Travel On A Budget | Laguna Beach, California

Ma Bicyclette: Travel On A Budget | Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach, well known for MTVs hit series about a small group of teenagers living in California ‘The Real OC’. A stop on our road trip we couldn’t miss.

We got the train (Amtrak) from LA to Laguna, which took an hour or two, and only cost $20 for a return (pre-booked). We organised our stay through a website called which I had been a member of for a few years previous. It’s a legitimate site for fellow travellers to offer up their couches/spare beds to people who are visiting their hometowns. I got in touch with a few people who lived in Laguna and finally made a decision on a lovely guy who we stayed with.

He, very kindly, came to collect us from the station, which wasn’t far from Laguna itself. Just a small note - our friends were heading to the next beach town along, Newport Beach, and when they arrived at the same station as us they went in to a nearby café to ask how to get there and a lovely old couple offered to take them. The thing to remember in America is that this is perfectly normal and a brilliant way to get about! I found all you had to do is stand near a petrol station/car park with your bag and the offers rolled in, it's brilliant and one thing I love about America.

Ma Bicyclette: Travel On A Budget | Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach is a small beach town where the rich of LA have holiday homes or the very well off reside there through out the year. It is such a dreamy little beach town, full of white washed wooden shops and cafés, surfer shops, ice cream parlours, health food stores and exquisite restaurants.

I would love to live here, so peaceful and quiet with a variety of beaches to choose from, everybody’s dream. And if you’re in LA or exploring the coastline or San Diego, Laguna is definately a stop I would suggest.

Not only does Laguna have numerous beaches but it is also full of rolling hills, which have wonderful views. On our first evening we took a short walk, which was a wonderful photo opportunity.

Ma Bicyclette: Travel On A Budget | Laguna Beach, California

We thoroughly enjoyed our time couch surfing and is something I highly suggest. Our host was wonderful and let us explore the town at our own pace leaving us a key when he went to work. On an evening we would make food together, watch DVDs and swap stories, it gave us a real feel for Laguna life and I highly suggest others to take part in it!

Laguna also has very charming traditional trams within the town which are free and very endearing, just everything about the little town made you fall in love with it. We spent our 3 days there, relaxing on the beach eating in cafés and exploring.

Ma Bicyclette: Travel On A Budget | Laguna Beach, California

We also took a day trip out to Newport Beach, which wasn’t too far on a bus. Newport is a lot bigger and less harmonious than Laguna but it was a really fun town - quirky beach houses with white picket fences along the promenades, girls and boys on low riders cruising along the shore front. Newport has a big surfing scene which was intriguing to watch, all in all it was a brilliant day out exploring, but at the end of the day it felt good to get back to cosy and quaint Laguna.

Ma Bicyclette: Travel On A Budget | Laguna Beach, California


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