Saturday, 15 September 2012

Inspiring Illustrators | Blackoutwell

I love Blackoutwell for a few reasons. Art is very personal, much like literature, and certain stories and styles affect you in many different powerful ways. Blackoutwell strikes a different chord in me than other illustrators' work. It's bold, quirky and very angular. It reminds me of a seventies style chair and you can't get much better than that. The artist and illustrator, Amy Blackwell, combines mainly illustrations of cats in a more grown-up way, while still firmly keeping a grasp on the "not too serious" side of life (the badgers in "Top Hats and Pearls" should make you understand what I mean).

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Illustrators | Blackoutwell
Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Illustrators | Blackoutwell

Her style reminds me a little bit of Orla Kiely, I think its the shapes and colours  - again reminiscient of the super seventies - but less about tea sets and plates and more about cats and flowers. I recommend "A Pocketful of Black Cats" book, which contains 26 pages of illustrations and the "Imaginary Flowers" print. However, if you have a thing for cotton spools, Miss Blackwell has a fine selection to choose from. Now, let's Disco.

Nikki B

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