Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Inspiring Artists | RiverLuna

Today, I thought I’d get back into the swing of things by sharing the beautiful work of RiverLuna.
California based illustrator, RiverLuna (real name Marisa Redondo) combines charming woodland creatures with pretty patterns and calming colours. The images that I like the most are from Marisa’s ‘Words of Wisdom’ series. Each of her delicately painted animals has its own individual personality. Speaking of her creations, RiverLuna states ‘While painting them, ideas come to me about who they are and what they do. I give them a story, and a fitting name’. I feel that this is evident within her work. Each image is carefully considered and unique.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | RiverLuna
The above image is of Love Owls, Maho and Coki. As well as giving her creations a story, Marisa names them. She chooses their names based on places and cultures from around the world.

I feel that these water colour illustrations have been beautifully painted. I love the layered effect that has been achieved in using different thicknesses of paint. The patterns used are pretty and inviting and the colours are comforting.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | RiverLuna

The quirky character above is ‘Hunter’. The simple shape that makes up the bear’s form works really well and the dashes of hair add texture and personality. I am a fan of colour but I like the way that Marissa doesn’t over work it. She uses just enough to give the animal its own persona, bringing it to life.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | RiverLuna

The image above is called ‘Mieko’s Dandelion Wish’. It is quite a dreamy image. It provokes questions; I want to know what Mieko is wishing for. The dark shades are intense and purposeful and the patterns give the image quite an organic feel.

Other work of RiverLuna’s includes her ‘Watercolour Feather’ Collection. This series of work was born from the artist’s love of collecting bits and pieces and exploring patterns in nature.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | RiverLuna

Marisa’s feather paintings are intricately constructed. Each and every shape works together to create truly unique designs.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | RiverLuna

The image above is called ‘Paloma’s Heart’. I love the colours used here, and the way that the feathers have been carefully arranged into the shape of a heart. Each and every feather is different. There is more to it than first meets the eye.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | RiverLuna

On the whole, I find the work of RiverLuna refreshing and inspiring. Her illustrations beam with the passion that she has for creating, for painting beautiful things. She is certainly very talented and I am thinking that I may have to invest in some of her art work for my new home.

If you want to do the same, visit her etsy shop.
Read her blog.
Or find her on Facebook.


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