Friday, 10 August 2012

Make Your Own World | Birdy Dreamcatcher

The sunshine may be a tad late for our summer this year, but that doesn't mean we can't bring the sunshine to us! This cute little birdy dreamcatcher is perfect for bringing some colour and sparkle into our days, (as well as warding off bad dreams at night!)
You can use any old bits and bobs you have lying around, like strips of unused fabrics, shoelaces, ribbon and even old jewellery! So why not pop on some happy music, make some tasty summer cocktails and invite your friends around for a birdy dreamcatcher making session!

Ma Bicyclette: Make Your Own World | Birdy Dreamcatcher

Step 1:
Cut and shape your garden wire into the size you want your dreamcatcher to be and overlap the 2 ends so you can tie them into place with some fabric.

Step 2:
Cut your fabric into strips and where the two ends of the wire meet, start wrapping it around tightly to secure the wire shut. If you overlap the fabrics while wrapping they should stay together!
Continue until you are back to the beginning again.

Step 3:
Now go mad! Add buttons, beads, bows, flowers and of course your little bird! Attached them on with a bit of thin fabric or some thread, remembering to add some to the top so you can hang it up!

Now, bring on bedtime!

Love Steph B x

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