Monday, 6 August 2012

Buy Secondhand | Emmaus

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Secondhand | Emmaus
Emmaus is a world-wide charity, offering homeless people a home, work and the chance to rebuild their lives. The charity funds their work by collecting and selling donated goods such as furniture, bric-a-brac, antiques, electrical appliances, clothing, books, toys. You can find your nearest Emmaus shop on their website.
Our nearest shop is in Mossley and last weekend, while I was staying at my Mum's, we took a visit to attend one of their Saturday morning up-cycling craft classes! Each week has a different theme, and when you arrive, the leader, Toni, will show you some examples of what you can create with that week's material, and away you go! Last week was making things out of old ties, which put our sewing skills to the test! We made lavender hearts, bags and corsages to take away with us!There is a charge of £4, but materials are provided. 

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Secondhand | Emmaus 

If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea though, the shop is well worth a visit, especially if you're furnishing a new home, which quite a few of the Ma Bicyclette gang seem to be doing at the moment! The shop is much bigger than your usual charity shop. Downstairs you will find all sorts of furniture items, from sofas to wardrobes, desks and dressers.
Upstairs there is more furniture, along with a section dedicated to books, a retro kitchen section, and a brick-a-brack room that also sells clothing and records.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Secondhand | Emmaus 
If you are in need of a refreshment, the cafe sells very reasonably priced teas, coffees and cakes too! My flat is pretty much full to the brim, and I wasn't on the look out for anything in particular, but I couldn't leave without buying a few things! I got 2 glass jars, a weather barometer and a vintage dress, all for the bargain price of £4.50! So next time you need a new desk, some extra crockery or even if you need to furnish a flat from scratch, get down to your local Emmaus shop and see if anything catches your eye!

Steph H


  1. This sounds like lots of fun, I always pick up stuff at Emmaus in France, I'm not sure where my nearest one in the UK is! x x

    1. Are you from London? I think there's 2 in London! x