Thursday, 19 July 2012

Make Your Own World | Vintage Photo Paper Chain

I love this little project, and it is so easy to do that when I first had a go, I ended up making 8 different ones!
The best thing about this paper chain is that you can personalise it especially to your taste by using just your all time favourite pictures and designs. They make great presents too because of this reason as you can put all of your favourite memories onto one chain and your friend or family member will be able to see it every day! Why not even try a 'themed' one by using all related pictures and designs from a special holiday, event or celebration like a wedding for example? They would make great wedding gifts for all your guests after you have had the pictures back from your special day, or it would make a great keepsake gift for the happy couple too!

Ma Bicyclette: Make Your Own World | Vintage Photo Paper Chain

Step 1:
Choose your favourite ever photos, fabrics, prints or cut outs from magazines and line them up onto your scanner so you can fit on as many as possible without them overlapping.

Step 2:
Scan your pictures onto your computer, but before printing them out see if they need ‘editing’ a bit so they are brighter or more colourful than the original designs.

Step 3:
Print out your designs onto some thick white card (around 160 - 190 gsm should be perfect - any thinner and it may rip when you start stitching it!)

Step 4:
Cut out your designs in shapes, stars, love hearts or whatever you fancy. But try and make sure they are around the same size, for continuity.

Step 5:
Lay your designs out in an order which you love and then stitch right from the top, to the bottom making sure you leave a long piece of thread at the top for when you come to hang it up.

Et Voila! One vintage paper chain ready to brighten up any room!

Happy making! 
Steph B x

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