Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Make Your Own World | Vintage Bunting

Here is another easy peasy making project from my 'Make Your Own World' booklet that will instantly add some style to your home!

Ma Bicyclette: Make Your Own World | Vintage Bunting

I would advise using quite sturdy fabric with this one as you want your bunting to be able to hold it's shape and for the edges to not fray too much. Vintage and charity shops are great for finding brilliant fabric bargains that won't cost the earth - so head on down and pick up some delicious 1950's curtains or a pair of old retro cushion covers!

Step 1: 
Decide what size you would like your bunting to be (smaller triangles are really cute for a baby or child’s rooms, whilst bigger ones are better at making a dramatic effect at parties!)

Step 2:
After you have decided, cut your chosen triangle shape out of a piece of material, then use this as a template to cut out the rest.

Step 3:
Trim any frayed edges you have and then lay your triangles out in an order which you love. (You will see now that some materials aren’t that good at keeping their thread together so it is best to use the sturdiest you can find!)

Step 4: 
Space your triangles equally so they reach all the way along the length of the ribbon. Then get stitching! Fold your ribbon in half widthwise over the triangles to ‘sandwhich’ the tops of them in. Now sew all the way along the ribbon in a zig zag motion (or in a straight line if you’re not feeling particularly zig-zaggy!) This will secure the triangles and give it a wonderful handmade look. YEY!

Love Steph B x

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