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Make Your Own World | Hangy Dangly Hearts

Bonjour all!

I have just realised that I haven't done a post in a while (nearly a month!) And by all accounts that is just plain not right! I was even starting to get Ma Bicyclette withdrawal symptoms (seeing bikes everywhere and whatnot!) However I do have a good(ish) excuse, I have been spending a lot of time trying to finish my first ever little craft booklet: 'Create Yourself - the art to making your own World.' And the good news is that it is now done (YEY!) and best of all I can actually share some of my projects from the book with you!

Ma Bicyclette: Make Your Own World | Hangy Dangly Hearts - The Art To Making Your Own Vintage Home

So, I have planned to do about 4 of these books (so far) all of which have different crafty themes. The first edition (the one I am showing you) is called 'Vintage Home' and has 60 pages of crafty projects that will help you turn your home into the vintage haven you have always dreamed of, using mostly recycled or 'preloved' materials (that in turn will cost you hardly a thing!) Starting with easy peasy projects like these hangy dangly hearts (below) progressing to more tricky things like 'design your own printed wallpaper,' (which I will show you as the projects go on.) There are heaps of ideas to keep you going! Plus I have also added some reuseable templates in the back to inspire you to carry on the making even further!

Anyway the first craft project is very simple (and I have to admit I'm quite excited because this is actually the first crafty, makey thing we have here on Ma Bicylette!) and it is a sure fire winner when it comes to adding a bit of vintage love to a room. They also make great presents for people! So let's get making then :)

Ma Bicyclette: Make Your Own World | Hangy Dangly Hearts

Step 1: Take your lovely fabric and cut a heart shape out of one piece. If you are a bit jittery with a pair of scissors, then why not cut out a template from a piece of card first. (Make sure it is a bit bigger than you want it to be, as it will shrink a bit when you sew around it later.)

Step 2: Use this cut out piece as a template to cut out your other heart.

Step 3: Place your hearts together so that the main pattern is on the INSIDE (think of it as a nice pattern sandwich with all the juicy bits in the middle!)

Step 4: Using a sewing machine or your own talented little fingers, sew around the heart so there is about half a cm left from the edges. BUT make sure you leave a little gap (about 2-3 cm) un-sewn so you can turn it all inside out after (the best place to do this is just in the middle where the 2 curvy bits of the heart meet.)

Step 5: Using the end of a pencil, poke all of the fabric backthrough the hole (make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies!) So that your fabric is back to its patterny side.

Step 6: Get your lovely ribbon or lace, fold it in half and place it inside the gap that was left unsewn. Tuck any extra fabric in and Secure it in place by sewing over the gap with a few stitches.

P.S. For an extra special touch you could fill your heart with some wadding/cushion filler dotted with lavender essential oil and hang it over your bed, to help you drift into a deep crafty sleep :)

I hope you enjoy making, and if you are super happy with your designs then why not send in a picture? We would love to see how each person (crafty or particularly uncrafty) progresses with each project!

Ma Bicyclette: Make Your Own World | Hangy Dangly Hearts

My little crafty book is available in my online shops now, as are these handy 'Make Your Own World' kits that can help you get started if you don't happen to have any materials of your own lying around!

I proper enjoyed doing this booklet, and I hope you enjoy the future projects I will put on here, (tune in next time for a BUNTING tutorial!) and if you have any ideas of your own, or any projects you have been dying to make - then feel free to write in, us Bicyclette girls love to help in anyway we can!

lots of love 
Steph B x

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