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Inspiring Artists | Getting To Know Sarah Crowther

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Artists | Getting To Know Sarah Crowther

Sarah Crowther is a Lancashire-based artist. Her colourful and symmetrical artworks are inspired by the simple animals and patterns found in folk art along with the geology in nature. Her work is not only beautiful at first glance, but also so intricate that you could find yourself looking at it for hours! We interviewed her to find out more!

Are you self taught and do you have a creative background?
I have a BA in Illustration from the Kent Institute of Art and Design and an MA from Brighton University in Narrative Illustration and Editorial Design. I have continued to learn about art through being an art teacher and being immersed in art and creativity all the time. I am also a 'gallery junky', I just can't get enough; the more you view art, the more it improves your own practice.

Tell us a little bit about your making process, where does your inspiration come from, and how do you get started?
I seem to have two quite different themes running through my art at the moment which inspire my pattern based work.  One is geology and micro geology.  I have always found rock formations and the strata in rock beautiful and I have developed repeat pattern based work looking at this.  The other is folk art.  I love the simple animal shapes in folk art and develop repeat pattern and large spherical works based on these.  My medium is ink on paper.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Artists | Getting To Know Sarah Crowther - Firebird

Which is your favorite of your pieces?
My favourite is 'Circle of Birds' a folk art inspired piece which is currently being exhibited at The Artlounge in New Mills.  It is made up of hundreds of tiny swirls, which is a feature of my work. Many people think it is a print but it's actually hand rendered. 

Where do you tend to do most of your making?
I am lucky to have a studio in my own home. This is vital as I try to balance work and family with my own practice.  Even travelling to a studio would be valuable time lost.

What is the best thing about running your own business, and what is the most challenging? 
I am lucky that I can combine a part time teaching job that I love with an art career which I am driven to do.  It's challenging to do both these things and bring up a family.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about selling their craft?
There are so many opportunities out there and you have to try them all and see what works for you.  There are art forums and collectives, open exhibitions, social networking, online stores and online art shops and galleries.  You have to put yourself out there and take a chance.

Where would you like to be in 10 years?
I would like to be exhibiting nationally and internationally and also selling limited edition screen prints of my work. Art should be for everyone!

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Artists | Getting To Know Sarah Crowther

Finally, where else can we find you?

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  1. Love the birds and the folk themes! Can't believe it's not printed! Very nice work :) x