Friday, 11 May 2012

National Bike Month

I've grown a little obsessed with bikes recently, ever since I've been riding my bike around I've noticed other people's bikes and just drooled over them. Manchester features some gorgeous bikes - I might have to start photographing them. However, not enough ladies are riding bikes, a bicycle will improve your life so much. I live a 15 minute bike ride from Manchester city centre, and I would usually take the bus or the train in but that can cost up to £4.50. I've been riding every day for just over a month now and my fitness has noticeably improved, I can ride up hills quickly without stopping when initially I had to get off and push. So, I'm going to show you some bikes which I think are beautiful and some nice websites I've come across to get you inspired to ride a bike more!

Nagasawa - Osaka, Japan

Ma Bicyclette: National Bike Month - Nagasawa

The Concorde

Ma Bicyclette: National Bike Month - The Concorde

Custom Charge Bike

Ma Bicyclette: National Bike Month - Custom Charge Bike

Toei Bikes

Ma Bicyclette: National Bike Month - Toei

Foffa Bikes

Foffa Bikes set up in 2009 in East London following there passion for bikes, you can build a fully customised bike on their website, however this bike will set you back about £645!

Ma Bicyclette: National Bike Month - Foffa Bikes

Summer Eve from Evans Cycles

Summer Eve, what a lovely name for a bike. This bike is a hybrid meaning its good for both on road and off road, its also a nice price at £225

Ma Bicyclette: National Bike Month - Evans Cycles

Retro Velo beautiful bike inspiration from Germany.

As May is National Bike Month I challenge you to ride your bike for a whole month or think about purchasing one if you haven't already!

If you can't afford a bike this month, why not just show your love for them with one of our sweet necklaces?

Ma Bicyclette: National Bike Month - Bicycle Necklaces

Ma Bicyclette: National Bike Month - J'adore Ma Bicyclette Necklace


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