Monday, 7 May 2012

Inspiring Artists | Carolina Melis

Carolina Melis is an illustrator and animator who graduated from Central St Martins in 2004. Her interest in this subject area arose from her training in dance and choreography. Her choreographic practice developed into an interest in screen based movement. Along with her animation work, for which she has won awards, her illustration work is recognised internationally. Much of Melis’s illustration is graphics based, although it is her embroidery work that interests me the most.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Carolina Melis

This series of embroidery work is titled ‘Bazaar Time’, and was started when Carolina was still doing her MA. She even carried on working on it in her spare time, and it became a very personal project for her. I feel that although at a first look the images appear to be very simple, on deeper reflection they are very complex and seem to portray much of the thought process of the artist. The jagged edges of the fabric and the out of shape circles offer a sense of honesty and a childlike feel to the work.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Carolina Melis

I am really fond of the colourful delicate stitch that has been placed upon the white fabric here in this image. It is as if every marking made from the thread has its purpose and tells its very own story. The formation of the lines of stitch reminds me of a map; it is as if the piece of art speaks of some kind of journey.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Carolina Melis

I like the way that Carolina embellishes her work. The butterflies here add something extra to the image. I also like the use of patterned fabric against blocks of colour. The images in this series have their own unique style. To me they appear to be a sketch book consisting of fabric; a textile journal.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Carolina Melis

This image shows part of a series of work that Carolina did in 2009 for French fashion label Sessun. It is another example of her successful experimentation within the medium of textile art. These designs are simple and very different in style to those images that make up the ‘Bazaar Time’ collection. This reflects Carolina’s versatility – she appears to be able to turn her skills to any kind of design brief.

Carolina Melis is certainly very talented within her field. If you have been inspired by the work I have shown here, I’d definitely recommend checking out her website for all kinds of wonderful work.


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