Monday, 2 April 2012

Inspiring Artists | Miyuki Sakai

The work of Miyuki Sakai has provided me with much inspiration over recent times within my work, especially when I have come to thinking that I want to step away from drawing with pencils and pens and be more experimental with my art. The work of Miyuki Sakai consists mainly of illustrations that she creates using just her sewing machine. The subjects of her work vary from observational images of people to quirky images of tea cups and cakes.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Miyuki Sakai
The image above is part of Miyuki’s ‘CafĂ©’ collection. It is pretty and although it may be difficult to see here, the sewing is delicate and intricate. Using thread rather than pencil gives the image its own unique character. There is an individual quality that drawing with thread seems to achieve.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Miyuki Sakai
I love Miyuki’s typewriter image. It is playful yet detailed and the way that she uses the thread in varying thicknesses works beautifully to add different tonal areas to the image. I admire the sophisticated level that Miyuki Sakai has brought her own personal illustrative style to. She works in a way that I can only aspire to myself. 

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Miyuki Sakai
Another aspect of Sakai’s work that I admire is her use of colour. This can be seen in the above image. From the vibrant to more subtle colour schemes, Miyuki can take her hand to pretty much anything. This can be seen when looking at her collection of work as a whole. This image also reflects how Miyuki has the ability to make everyday objects exciting. She brings them to life and places them into an exciting perspective.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Miyuki Sakai

In the past couple of years, Miyuki has won awards for her work. One of which was for her illustrations that featured in American magazine ‘Martha Stewarts Living’. The images consist of photographs by photographer Johnny Miller which have been placed on top of Miyuki’s sewn illustrations. I really like these images, I feel that they are really original and the combination of thread and photography work well together.

It is clear to see that Miyuki Sakai’s illustration is innovative and original. She inspires me to be free and experimental within my own work. If her work has caught your attention, then you should definitely check out her website for more examples of her work.