Saturday, 21 April 2012

Buy Local | Ainsty Farm Shop, York

A little while ago I made a mini list which consisted of two things I wanted more of, romance and breakfast, and this weekend I got just that. Early(ish) Sunday morning my boyfriend took me to visit his work place; a lovely little venue in Green Hammerton (just outside of York) for a hearty cooked breakfast at Ainsty Farm Shop. The farm shop is owned and run by husband and wife team, Stuart and Lily Beaton, and boasts a butchers counter serving locally sourced meat, greengrocer, a bakery, deli, cafe and plenty of frozen goodies too.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Local | Ainsty Farm Shop, York

We had been at the pub the night before and so were in dire need of something warm and filling and so we both picked the cooked breakfast, mine consisted of home made (by my chap!) sausage, bacon, tomato, scrambly eggs, toast and my favourite, hash browns! Mike's was ever so slightly different with fried goose egg and pork and black pudding sausage. I have to say, the breakfast was absolutely delicious! Perhaps I am a little biased because Michael had made the sausages himself, but everything was just so tasty and beautifully cooked.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Local | Ainsty Farm Shop, York

Before I left we had a look around the shop and picked up some lovely foods to take home with us for tea (and breakfast and lunch). I picked out some ready to bake croissants and pain au chocolat, some prawns, a piece of salmon cut beef for our roast dinner, roasted hazelnut muesli and of course some of the pork and leek sausages I had for breakfast! I really wish I'd picked up some of the home made speciality bread and real butter they sell too, but it gives me a good excuse to visit again soon!

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Local | Ainsty Farm Shop, York

The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable on the produce they sell. It was lovely to eat and shop somewhere knowing that what I was eating had been locally sourced and so reasonably priced. I love the loyalty and support they have for the local farmers and community. I recommend this place if you're ever in the area and information about Stuart and Lily, the farm shop and the products they sell can be found on their website.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Local | Ainsty Farm Shop, York

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Local | Ainsty Farm Shop, York

AinstyFarm Shop, York Rd, Green Hammerton, Y026 8EQ
York, North Yorkshire



  1. We where very disappointed to come to a farm shop and to have one of the worst cooked breakfasts we've ever had. What no sausages! Very artistic with the toast presentation as it took up half the plate! The rest was occupied by 2 rashers of bacon, a little scrambled egg and a tomato. The dish of butter took up the rest of the room.Shame on you and it wasn't cheap.

    1. Really sorry you didn't enjoy your breakfast. The cost of £6.75 does include this and your drink, the scrambled egg should have been 2 eggs with real butter and milk, I will make enquiries as to why you only had a small amount of egg. We do have the full list of what is included on the menu & a suggestion to ask for extras if required but I will take on board your criticism and will remind everyone to offer extras. Sorry