Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Buy Handmade | Dresses

This week's 'Buy Handmade' feature is looking at dresses! I am a big fan of dresses and I am on the hunt for the perfect dress to tempt me (and you!) into the world of handmade clothing. Here are some lovely dresses I have found so far:

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Dresses - Dig For Victory 50s style prom dress 

You'd have to save your pennies for this beautiful 50s style prom dress from Dig For Victory, at £109, but I think it'd be worth it wouldn't it? 

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Dresses - Tshirt99 rabbit hand-printed cotton tshirt dress

This hand-printed cotton tshirt dress is just £12.96 from Tshirt99.
They have a whole load of other designs too, including a racoon!

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Dresses - River Of Romask Chiffon Dress

How dreamy is this chiffon dress is from River of Romansk?
The price is great too at £35.34, beating Topshop/Urban Outfitters prices any day!

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Dresses - Cyanide Kiss Cupcake Dress

A dress covered in cupcakes, what could be better?! £45 from Cyanide Kiss.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Dresses - Make Me A Dress handmade black simple dress with tutu underskirt

A super-cute dress from Make Me a Dress. A bit pricey at £180 but is is made to your own measurements!

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Dresses - Supayana pompom dress

I think this one is edging towards being my favorite, purely because IT HAS POMPOMS!
£51.55 from Supayana

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Dresses - Better Stay Together recycled vintage fabric handmade dress

One for the eco-warriors; Better Stay Together's handmade clothes are made from recycled vintage fabrics!

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Dresses - Xiaolizi handmade dress

Xiaolizi are a team of a mother, daughter, sister, cousin and neighbor,
all working together to create some amazing handmade pieces of clothing.
This cute dress is £46.18.

Have I tempted you?!


  1. You have tempted me ! I love that T-Shirt dress. <3 I love this feature too. Molly xo

    1. I love this feature tooo! <3 Charlotte xx

  2. Definitely! I loooove the one with the rabbit, so cute .

  3. aw thanks for posting my cupcake dress! Just saw it from traffic source on Etsy!! Love the rabbit top too!!