Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Book Clubs | Let The Revolution Begin

Ma Bicyclette: Book Clubs | Let The Revolution Begin
(Picture c/o Peg and Awl)

Welcome to the Ma Bicyclette Book Club - create an account on Good Reads and join in the fun.
Ok, first thing I'd like to say is that I think book clubs have had some, well, not exactly 'positive' attention in the past, and I am here, as a literary superhero so to speak, to right those wrongs.
Although reading has definately become cooler than it was when I was an Enid Blyton fan as a child (and I still am by the way!), I think this has something to do with a few different things:

(1) Technology, such as the kindle. I know I'm not here to judge and I understand the convenience and savings you can make by having hundreds of stories in one handy, little place, as well as the flashy covers you can decorate it with - pink for your chick lit etc. But I will say this: I hate the kindle with a fiery passion and will never EVER buy one! Long live real life books! (Apologies again to anyone reading this who has one, it's nothing personal!)

(2) The massive amount of films that are hitting our big screens that were originally spawned from some book no one had really heard of until it was acted out by either some very famous people or some unknown, but very attractive people. Films like The Hunger Games are causing sell outs not just at the cinema, but now in bookshops, as people want to see if the book is as good as the film, or vice versa.

(3) Geek chic. Now I'm not saying being a fan of literature makes you a geek, but since people started realising that being different, through things like fashion, baking or music, was a lot more interesting than blending in with those around you, everyone has started happily admitting their secret loves and screaming them from the rooftops. To be honest, it's not like we're all sat around reading Shakespeare (and I admit I still struggle to understand what the fig he's talking about sometimes), but I see alot more people sat reading books - in coffee shops, on trams - than I used to, and considering everyone has facebook or that new 'draw something' app on their phones, the sight makes me very happy :) 

The point I'm trying to make with all this, is that although this isn't how you would typically imagine people discussing or sharing their opinions about books and writing, now is definately the time to take advantage of the turning tides and the seemingly rising interest in what books can offer, aswell as how we can get our thoughts out into the big wide world. And even if you never really considered yourself a big reader, get involved, give it a try (I'll even let you use your kindle), and hopefully, we can make the 'Book Club' cool again. Let the revolution begin!

Are you with me?!

Nikki B

P.S. My next blog will be about a book I'm reading at the moment by Gary Shteyngart (yes that's how it's spelt) called 'Super Sad True Love Story'.
Read along and let me know what you think next time!


  1. Nikki this is really strange, I am just in the middle of writing a blog post about books and book clubs. I am on board for this, I haven't heard of the book your currently reading but I will have a look for it on amazon now. I am a kindle user (sorry) but if I love a book I have a hard copy in my collection, kindle is great for me while I'm living at home as I dont have much space for books. I will be keeping my eye out for your next post. Really excited! xxx

    1. Hi Kelli! Do you have a goodreads account? We've set up a bookclub on there and would love for you to join!