Thursday, 1 March 2012

Places To Visit In York | Cocktails At Evil Eye Lounge

York is full to the brim with delicious food and drink, from local produce to yummy treats from much further afield. It is particularly amazing for one of my most favourite things - cocktails! If you ever visit my sweet home town you'll find plenty of cocktails on offer at venues dotted around the city - believe me there must be hundreds of cocktail bars; but I'd love to share my favourite place with you.

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In York | Cocktails At Evil Eye Lounge

I genuinely cannot stress to you the amazingness that is Evil Eye, it's one of mine and my brother's favourite places to catch up when he's back from university. If you're not local or don't know anyone who is, you might mistake this bar for a teeny tiny off license and cigarette counter which is run at the entrance of the bar. If you do make your way inside, you'll find the boho-morrocan paradise that is Evil Eye. The bar is downstairs and is a wall full of bottles (I'm talking hundreds) of every spirit, mead and syrup you could possibly imagine, and once you see the menu you'll understand why.

The menu is set out by colour, from light blue for easy drinks to dark/blood red for super strong lethal drinks, and is laid out reminiscent of the lines on the London Underground. I have a couple of favourites I'd definitely recommend

Hello Sailor (Green Line) - Sailor Jerry's, Chambord, fresh lemons and raspberries, and pomegranate juice.

Evil Spring Punch (Yellow Line) - Vodka, fresh raspberries, Chambord, fresh lemons topped with Prosecco. 
Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In York | Cocktails At Evil Eye Lounge

If you're feeling super adventurous, you could try a drink from the dark red line like the Evil Zombie which boasts SEVEN different types of rum, absinthe, grenadine, fresh lime and pineapple juice. I've tested this one out once and it's definitely a killer. 

You should definitely venture upstairs and have a peek at the morrocan style bed seats which are perfect to squeeze about ten friends onto, but you'll be super lucky to get one of these on a night time so get down early!

Ma Bicyclette: Places To Visit In York | Cocktails At Evil Eye Lounge

To me, the bar staff definitely make a venue what it is and the staff here are always effortlessly cool, super sweet and friendly even at ridiculously busy times - and they've never once judged me or my friends for having pre-midday birthday cocktails either. All drinks are made fresh in front of you with real fruit, always generous measures and they always taste test the concoctions themselves just to make sure they're perfect. I absolutely love this venue and if you're ever in York you just have to try it for yourself. Cocktails tend to cost from around £6 but they're well worth it, oh and the egg fried rice is pretty much the best I've ever tasted!

And visit them at 42 Stonegate, York!

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