Monday, 5 March 2012

Music You Need To Hear | Dry The River

Ever feel like you're listening to the same music over and over? Feeling uninspired and don't know how to look for new music to listen to? Well, I'm here to offer you a new band or solo artist to listen to.

Dry The River are a folk rock band from London. Sounds incredibly "in fashion" wouldn't you say? I understand this and I'd understand why people would steer clear as they've already had their fill of Mumford & Sons and such like. But honestly, Dry The River are stunning. With infectious melodies and a lead singer with such a unique voice you'll soon be hooked. Imagine your usual folk rock, just a little more angry and a little more rock.

Ma Bicyclette: Music You Need To Hear | Dry The River

I've been wanting to write about Dry The River for a while, but it seemed fitting to do a post now as their debut album is out today! GO GET IT!

Stay tuned to our new music category for more 'music you need to hear'!



  1. Great band! Can't wait for Shallow Bed to come out in April. They have a great interactive video on YouTube where they have clips of all their new songs :) Check it out, it's pretty neat!

    1. Shallow Bed is out today in England! I don't have any money to buy it though yet so it'll be a while before I hear it all so thank you for the video link! x