Friday, 2 March 2012

Inspiring Designers | The Work of Bureau Bruneau

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Designers | The Work of Bureau Bruneau

Based in Oslo, Norway, Bureau Bruneau produces some of the cleanest and undeniably attractive work I’ve seen for many months. Would you believe me if I told you the work before your very eyes is all done by one man, Mr Ludvig Bruneau Rossow? Well it’s true. In fact, Bureau Bruneau isn’t even an agency, Bruneau Bureau is pretty much Rossow’s pen name and this is the work he produces in his spare time when he isn’t working at Bleed, also in Oslo. Allow me to drop two final bombshells; this dude's only 24 years old and after studying he did an internship at Sagmeister Inc, New York. Seriously. 

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Designers | The Work of Bureau Bruneau

I stumbled across Rossow on Tumblr and have been back and forth to his website in search of inspiration ever since. I guess what I like about his work is that his concepts are incredibly low key, but his visuals are so full on that they’re slightly mesmerising. Without a doubt my favourite project is Lavafilm AS. The idea was to create a logo for the Lavafilm company that had a look of natural disaster; the movement and separation of solid objects. Trust good old Bruneau to come up with the clever idea of splitting two typefaces and randomly shoving them back together, and trust his luck that that actually looked good. The typefaces he used were Futura and Times New Roman. If I placed Futura even an inch away from Times New Roman, well let's not even go there.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Designers | The Work of Bureau Bruneau

Anyway, I’m happy to be sharing the work of Bureau Bruneau because not only is it beautiful and very much deserves to be admired by all, but I’m also hoping it gives people that rush of motivation and sweet inspiration that it gives me every single time I see it. 


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