Sunday, 18 March 2012

Inspiring Artists | Joetta Maue

Today I began thinking about words and how powerful the simplest of words can be – how one word can provoke a thought or a feeling. This brought me onto remembering the work of Joetta Maue. She is a full time artist from New York whose work is inspired by the everyday moments of her life. Concentrating on the role of personal relationships, she uses text and words in her art work that ‘relate and connect to the body, intimacy, romantic love and family’.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Joetta Maue

Working with embroidery, Joetta Maue uses a language that speaks directly to the viewer, putting forward feelings and experiences of her own. Personally, I think that I am drawn to her work in that the words she uses are easy to relate to in that we have all experienced the kind of emotions and feelings that she portrays at some time or another. In her own words, Joetta’s inspiration for her work ‘comes from my feelings towards each daily moment and our everyday experience being the perfect moment, encouraging us to be present’.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Joetta Maue

Her work is simple and effective although it is clear to see that a lot of time has been put into the making. The intricate embroidery works beautifully and the vintage fabrics that she works upon look really good aesthetically.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Joetta Maue

Over all, I think that Joetta Maue’s work is appealing in that the language she uses is one that we can all relate to. She speaks of everyday moments and even though these are very simple messages, they are meaningful all the same.

You can buy her work from her etsy.


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