Sunday, 25 March 2012

Creative Careers | When Will Creative Jobs Be Taken Seriously?

I was having a think recently (as usual) and I was just thinking how unbelievably funny it is that some people I speak to (generally elderly - or sometimes not so elderly - folk) still tell me I need to get a 'real' job.

I have been running my own business for a while now, and though it was slow at the beginning, the past year I have really begun to feel like I am getting somewhere. However, if I ever choose to discuss this with certain folk, then I only know the conversation will end with 'yes but when are you going to go and get a proper job?' haha, it's inevitable really!

What I reckon though is not only is it obvious that the new younger generation are giving up on the original 9-5 job to make way for a variety of new creative businesses, but I also believe that this is what we want from the world!

Our older generations have come from an era whereby money = living well, and people used to rarely spend anything on themselves if it wasn't necessary or practical. But now I believe that there is a general feel that being happy and fulfilled = living well. Money is obviously still an issue with most people, but I know now that creative businesses rarely come from a money orientated place (not that we don't enjoy having some!) The focus is much more on creating something wonderful and inspiring that in turn can make other people happy too.

The problem is, however, that the majority of us still listen to older generations when they are chewing our ears off about our future plans (me included!) But the truth is they can't possibly fit their original ideals into this new modern world, and thinking about it, isn't starting from scratch and taking your life into your own hands much better than sitting at home complaining about how you can't handle working for anyone else? I know people obviously mean well (I hear that a lot too) but if you believe in yourself and what you have to offer, you have got to learn to ignore ANYONE who says you can't or shouldn't do it! 

I honestly believe if you are worried that people won't pay for your skills, then that is exactly what will happen. 'There isn't enough money' or 'People aren't buying anything in this economic climate,' are other ones I hear regularly, and with everything you see and hear in the media, of course why would you not believe this? But my lovely friends, why does it have to be true? I think that as bloggers, and general social network buffs, we know that this is actually NOT true in many cases! People may be frustrated with certain aspects of the economy, but in turn they are certainly willing now to invest much more into their general well-being, because it makes them happy! And we all know happiness is key...

Ma Bicyclette: Creative Careers | When Will Creative Jobs Be Taken Seriously? - Live what you love

I live at The Old Coach House Healing Centre, which specialises in Holistic Therapies, and over the past year we have been busy every day - no joke! And still you will get people saying that 'there is no money about!' Well I definitely can't see this to be true! And I really do believe that if you get dragged down with the belief that your business will not succeed at this moment, then it won't! 

I'm not trying to rant about how annoying the media and our elders are, but instead I want to inspire all us table top businesses who want to get our passions out there!
We need to take a stand for our generation and say we are capable of anything, no matter what the circumstances of the World. And avoid (with love) anyone who has limiting beliefs of their own to deal with!
So do me a favour and surround yourself with positive, inspiring people and write this somewhere you can see it everyday, or say it with me now... "My skills pay the bills!" "My skills pay the bills!" "MY SKILLS PAY THE BILLS!" It is reeeeaaallllly cheesy but I promise, hands down, it will work and we will all be able to bring our children up in a world where there are no limits ( I feel a song coming on here) and they can do whatever job they want to because money is secondary and happiness comes first!

As my dad always says (though I think he perhaps nicked it from 'Field of Dreams') 'If you build it, they will come!'

Muchos love and remember LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE!


  1. I love that you wrote this, the thing that I struggle the most with though (as a self employed 'creative') is my own constricting views and mind set (although I know how ridiculous it is) that I need to be working 9-5 5 days a week in order to not feel lazy :( I will break this, I will!
    Charlotte xx

  2. Haha tell me about it Charlotte- I also find it difficult to just stop and relax and the weekends, because I don't finish up on a friday!
    It shows though doesn't it, no one stands in your way but yourself!
    I hope you manage to break the cycle!
    Lots of love
    Steph x