Sunday, 4 March 2012

Buy Handmade | Cushions

I don't know about you, but I find a sofa with cushions a lot more inviting than one without, even though I usually end up moving the cushions when I sit down. Either way, I like cushions, they are a great way to perk up an old chair or add a bit of colour to a dull sofa. Here are my top picks from the world of handmade cushions:

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Cushions - Nikki McWilliams Biscuit Cushions
These biscuit inspired cushions by Nikki McWilliams are amazing! I want them all!

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Cushions - Chocolate Creative
Chocolate Creative sell sustainable, hand-made design products including these gorgeous stag cushions.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Cushions - Clova Knits
Clova Knits sell amazingly cute knitted cushions, that can be personalised too!

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Cushions - Mr Wingate
Mr Wingate's hand printed cushions show a collection of London's finest buildings. Lovely!

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Cushions - Helena CarringtonThese designs using illustration and photography by Helena Carrington would brighten up any room.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Cushions - My Bearded Pigeon Map Cushions
My Bearded Pigeon  have an array of map cushions, you can choose anywhere in the world!



  1. Thanks for featuring my cushions! I also love Helena Carrington's work- and she's a lovely lady in person too!


  2. Thanks Nikki, you are too :) x

  3. These are All great! I really like the knitted ones, but the're all lovely! Thanks for sharing these fab finds! :)

  4. aww those cushions are so cute!
    great post!

  5. Nice , looking awesome,thanks for sharing with us .