Saturday, 18 February 2012

Inspiring Design | Supermarkets - Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer

After recently purchasing the book Own Label, which showcases the designs of Sainsburys self branded products from 1962-1977, I've taken on a slightly oddball pastime of checking out the design in every supermarket I see. Surprisingly, I've been happy with my findings.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Design | Supermarkets - Sainsbury's

About 3 weeks ago I was staring out the window of the number 10 bus and an ad for the new bargain range at Morrisons caught my eye - stick with me on this. The ad showed about 5 or 6 examples of products from the supermarkets new M Savers range and I hate to admit it, but the design was good. The overall design idea for the products they're selling is relevant; no fuss, low key, what you see is what you get etc, and for this reason alone I'm calling it a job well done. My favourite item in the M Savers range has to be the tin of mushy peas, although if I was to invest in any of the products I admit I would buy at least 6 items in order to display my collection.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Design | Supermarkets - Morrisons

As if I hadn't spent enough time looking at supermarket packaging, I decided to take a stroll around Marks & Spencer on my lunch hour earlier this week. Yet again I found more good design, but this time it was in every aisle; the tea, the chutney, the biscuits, the dog biscuits, the bin liners - needless to say I spent the whole hour in there and walked out with some strawberry and raspberry tea, which I don't even like. This tea belongs to a range of various flavoured teas, some of which are pictured here. The illustrations on all these boxes was done by the hands of Stuart Kolakovic.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspiring Design | Supermarkets - Marks & Spencer

To wrap this up I want to say how nice it is to see supermarkets taking pride in their packaging design. In a recession I think it's a wise move to attract customers to products they may otherwise not want displaying in their lovely kitchens. I can confidently say that if you were caught with an entire supermarket bargain range in your kitchen, it would be the M Savers range. Asda's Smart Price and Tesco's Value have a lot to answer for.



  1. Love these designs! Its all so cute!

  2. These are some truly beautiful designs. Makes me what to go to the store now and just look around at labels.

  3. I love good advertising.

    Sometimes simple is really the best.

    Am loving this blog.

  4. Sometimes simple really is the best.
    These re some lovely sharp designs.

  5. These are some really beautiful, simple designs.

    It makes me want to eat mushy peas.

    Elegant designs really make my heart sing.