Friday, 24 February 2012

Inspiring Artists | Anahata Katkin

I am a big fan of art that speaks to me, whether this is in an obvious way or through subtle imagery. I sometimes think that this is because I often find it difficult to use my own voice and when I find an image that reaches out to me, I feel a strong connection with it. It’s kind of like when you’re feeling a certain way and a song comes on the radio and the lyrics just make sense to you for that moment in time.

The work of Anahata Katkin has this effect on me. With her work consisting of anything from graphic design to the handmade, she herself says that through her art, she has a language that allows her to speak in ways that she never could. Through her work, she passionately explores experiences that we can all relate to at some time or another. And as well as offering the viewer something to become involved in on a personal level, Anahata Katkin allows us to delve into her own mind.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Anahata Katkin

The versatility within Anahata’s work really appeals to me. From her journal work to her more refined paintings, each image stands for something, offers some kind of unique meaning. She expressively uses colour to influence moods into one direction or another. The image above, a journal entry, is raw and beautiful. So much is happening in a somewhat simple image. I’m drawn to the colour scheme used – it is dreamy and imaginative.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Anahata Katkin

Another reason for me admiring Anahata katkin’s work is that even though some of her images can be more easily interpreted, some are much harder to read. I find this appealing as it allows for a few moments of thought and contemplation. The piece above could be taken a number of different ways. Do the subject’s eyes look sad or are they full of wonder? Connotations of the ocean through words and colours make me think of freedom upon the open sea. To me, the image represents an explosion of thoughts and dreams. This image is quite chaotic but the colours used allow a feeling of calm.

Ma Bicyclette: Inspirational Artists | Anahata Katkin

On the whole, Anahata Katkin as an artist who stands for creative freedom. To me, she promotes the idea of having a voice through art and finds joy in sharing this with all those who can relate to what she is trying to say :)