Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Finding Balance In Life | Roots Before Branches

It seems our dear friends from Ma Bicylette have really started to get into their topics and gel together as a group! And from what I have witnessed, the blog seems to be only getting more and more successful - So YEY!

It is because of this super high that I thought I would like to continue the 'gelling together' with a topic on 'Balance.'

So whilst sitting here in my little boutique shop in Slaithwaite town (where I randomly work 1 day a week) I have come to realise the importance of balance in our lives. 
Being an artist and designer, you think I would spend most days, well, BEING an artist and designer. And to the most part you would be right. But quite a lot of days I often find myself delving into a completely different topic altogether! Like today for instance, I am a shop owner extraordinaire, But tomorrow I may take refuge in my house and become an amateur (key word there) meditation guru.

I used to think that this constant 'wavering' from one thing to another was preventing me from achieving my finest potential as an artist, and perhaps it has done to a degree. But now I see that in turn I have created much more for myself in the process - I have created a balanced life! Crikey...

This is why I love our blog so much, because it speaks to so many different people, and to so many topics within one person at the same time! You can fill up your creative juices from more than one source! And that is definitely what I think is its greatest asset. There is nothing telling you what you have to be, have or do - it is just an all round balanced source of simple inspiration from us normal (but relatively quirky) girls, to those normal (but relatively quirky) folk out there! 

Ma Bicyclette: Finding Balance In Life | Roots Before Branches

I used to be a fan of Teesha Moore and I saw a piece of her work once that said -

"Journaling always has a way of grounding me, and at the same time send my spirit soaring into other realities." 

I really believe that is what balance is all about - finding the two opposite poles and making them balance right there from the centre, from the core.

We are everything, and yet we are nothing. We are the rocks, and the clouds. We are the roots from the trees constantly grounded in the earth, and we are the branches too, constantly growing and opening to receive the light. So, if this is the case, then throwing ourselves head first into any job, creative or otherwise, will never lead to success if you can't first establish where your roots are. If your mind is constantly switched on, searching for the next thing to do, then chances are you will never feel content about where you are now!

Cristina's post the other day about the importance of meditation was great for this - because it is possibly the best thing you can do to calm your mind and find balance. As is doing the complete opposite of your main job (unless your job is being a nice person or not killing people!) So if you spend most of your day on the computer, working and researching then make sure that at some point you go outside and take a big, wide look around you. If your job is about working solely for the money, then make sure you do something nice for someone else that is voluntary.

There is a technique you can do to see if you are out of balance (which 99% of us will probably be!) All you have to do is stand up with your feet in a natural, equal width apart, and then close your eyes. Relax your shoulders, relax your mind and just concentrate on your breathing. If you find that your body is steering or pulling you to one direction or if you feel dizzy then you are probably out of balance. 

So have a look at what perhaps is pulling you more one way, and where perhaps you could invest more time in your life. Then sort it! Simple... a new life awaits!

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  1. I totally understand feeling like you do too many different things and can never get into one - this is what I'm like all the time! I love running and reading, I'm into fashion but I want to study science... sometimes I wish I were just really good at one thing. I love this take on multifaceted interests and balancing your life.