Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Buy Handmade | Jewellery

I am a big supporter of buying handmade. Not only do you get something unique that has been lovingly made with care and attention, but you are also supporting the person that has designed and made it, rather than giving your money to big multinational chains!

Sometimes Topshop has exactly what you want (and need!), but when you walk out to see someone else wearing the exact same thing you've just bought, it kind of takes the shine off it, so buy handmade instead and brighten up someone’s day by buying their work. (And then wait a few days and have your own day brightened when you receive it in the post! Or if you are feeling particularly generous, buy something handmade and give it to someone else as a gift! Happy faces all round!)

Here are some lovely handmade pieces of jewellery to inspire you to make a purchase, and all for under £20! Go on, treat yourself!

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Jewellery - The Whirlwind
Vintage lace and fabric jewellery, by The Whirlwind.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Jewellery - Pixielated
Bright knitted, and hand sewn accessories, by Pixielated

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Jewellery - Beauty Spot
 Vintage lockets, pocket watches and other lovely things, by Beauty Spot.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Jewellery - Nafsika
Handmade silver jewellery, inspired by love and nature, by Nafsika.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Jewellery - Hash and Cheeze
Hand painted jewellery, made from recycled wood, by Hash and Cheeze.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Handmade | Jewellery - Malditanita
Printed illustrations on beech wood, by Malditanita.



  1. I love handmade jewellery. you're right, it's nice to have something unique that you're not going to see someone else wearing. Thanks for recommending these shops, I'll definitely check them out! x

  2. those handpainted wooden earrings are so lovely!

  3. Love the message and your picks! Thanks so much for the feature! :)

  4. I love handmade jewellery too! These are all so pretty, I think my favourites are the fabric necklaces and the geometric-shaped earrings.

  5. Hello there!

    Thank you so much for the feature...love your adorable blog!

    Becky (from pixielated!)