Thursday, 23 February 2012

Buy Ethical Clothing | Origin 68

Updating your wardrobe has become quite an essential part of modern day life for a lot of people, a new dress for a night out, new top because it’s on sale, new everything because the spring collection is out and you can’t resist it. But how often do you stop and think where your clothes were made? A top in Topshop/ Primark/ River Island could have been made in Sri Lanka in a hot sweaty factory by people who don’t get paid enough to afford food. Companies exploit this cheap labour because it means they make more profit. Things are changing, codes of conduct are being written by each company, but without seeing these changes for yourself, how can you really believe it’s happening?


Origin68 was created by two lifelong friends, Matt and Harry. After they both moved to Manchester, they were determined to produce designs that meant something. Starting with just one t shirt design in 2007, Origin68 quickly grew organically. They believe beautiful design comes first, as just having a sustainable product isn't enough. They're realistic and by putting design first we can expect big things from them in the future.

These gorgeous graphic tees can be found on origin68 - all their designs are printed on Earth Positive 100% Organic shirts, with a 90% lower Carbon Footprint.

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Ethical Clothing | Origin 68

Ma Bicyclette: Buy Ethical Clothing | Origin 68

Check out the site for more stunning designs - you won't be disappointed!


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  1. This is such a fabulous post..
    I agree 100 percent in trying to buy as local or as vintage as possible. We have to help each other out!
    Love, love this post!